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The articles here are NOT works of fiction, the ramblings of folk possessed of over-fertile imaginations. Far from it. Nevertheless, because we cannot guarantee (by having checked primary sources successfully in every single case, an exercise that would be impractical for us) that all of the articles are 100% error-free, some aspects of our standard "advice" for the "other relevant sites" page may also need to be born in mind here. In other words, although you may have a high degree of confidence in this material, please use your discretion before investing total confidence in every single detail of any individual article.


1.      Means of Information War Threaten Democracy and Mankind by Mojmir Babacek

2.      Mind Games by Sharon Weinberger, Washington Post (contains a small amount of misinformation)

3.      US Electromagnetic Weapons and Human Rights by Peter Phillips, Lew Brown and Bridget Thornton

4.      Mind Control: The Ultimate Brave New World by Nick Begich

5.      New Instruments of Surveillance and Social Control: Wireless Technologies which Target the Neuronal Functioning of the Brain by Kingsley Dennis

6.      On the Possibility of Directly Accessing Every Human Brain by M.A. Persinger

7.      U.S. Human Rights Abuse Report by Cheryl Welsh

8.      Russians have psychotronic weapon to zombie people - Pravda

9.      The Milgram Experiment - the perfect antidote to "it couldn't happen here" syndrome

10.  The Stanford Prison Experiment - reinforces the lesson of the Milgram Experiment above

11.  Article on Satellite Surveillance originally published in the English language online edition of the Russian newspaper Pravda by American journalist John Fleming, author of the book "The War of All Against All: An Analysis of Conflict in Society"

12.  Excerpts (which you might have to download to read PDF format) from Low-intensity Conflict and Modern Technology by Lt Col DJ Dean USAF


13.  The Threat to Civil Liberties by Judy Wall

14.  Timeline: Electromagnetic Weapons by Judy Wall - quick review of the history of the documented development and deployment of electromagnetic weapons

15.  Mind Control With Silent Sounds and Super Computers by Judy Wall

16.  Brain Transmitters - what they are, and how they are used

17.  The Deadly Instruments of the New World Order by Mojmir Babacek

18.  Remote Mind Control Technology by Anna Keeler

*** Articles on Prof Igor Smirnov's work - including faking the voice of God (2 Thess 2:9)


 How you can help

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