Christians Against Mental Slavery

This is the founding document of Christians Against Mental Slavery, the groupís "constitution", if you like, which every member has signed. Every member was personally invited by the founder of the group to commit himself or herself in this way. The manifesto itself was drafted on 16 October 2002, and on that date the founder himself became the first member of the group. CAMS has not made any effort for some time now to recruit further members, over and above the initial twelve-strong group now committed to the political cause here defined, drawn as they are from four nationalities. What would be the point? Nevertheless, we would encourage conscientious advocacy from all and sundry of the groupís political aspirations expressed herein, regardless of whether they share our religious beliefs, because there is no shortage of purely humanitarian reasons for supporting our political position.



Mental slavery is defined as monitoring or influencing another person's thoughts using information technology without the continuing informed consent of the person whose thoughts are being monitored or influenced. Christians Against Mental Slavery (CAMS) is a group of Christians who are opposed on moral grounds to the practice of mental slavery and who wish to put the issue of mental slavery onto the political agenda worldwide with a view to getting mental slavery made illegal everywhere.

The international political objectives of CAMS are: (1) worldwide to encourage national legislatures (such as the UK Parliament) to make new statute law which unambiguously makes the practice of mental slavery illegal (both a tort and a crime) throughout their own jurisdictions, even when practised by those acting in an official capacity, and regardless of the purpose for which mental slavery is being practised, and (2) to encourage the making of an international treaty whereby each signatory state promises every other signatory state to make it unlawful for anyone to practise mental slavery anywhere within its own jurisdiction, this being also a treaty which acknowledges that mental slavery amounts to a crime against humanity.

CAMS activities include the lobbying of MPs and peers in the UK Parliament.

CAMS does not hold any funds. There is no subscription for membership of CAMS. CAMS activities are financed out of the pockets of individual members. Membership of CAMS is ordinarily for life, or until membership is resigned.

Membership of CAMS is open to those who state that they affirm with good conscience that they subscribe to the UK Evangelical Alliance Basis of Faith and that they share in what should be the common aspiration of all CAMS members, that, with God's help, the political objectives set out in this manifesto should be achieved.

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