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prepared by John Allman


1††††††† "Mind control" is predicted in the Bible

In 2 Thessalonians 2 the apostle Paul sets out to allay the anxieties of 1st century believers that they have been "left behind". The Spirit that inspired the apostle seems to have had an additional agenda, to a convey an additional message for today's generation.

Perhaps, inadvertently, or perhaps as a result of his surpassingly great revelations, the apostle thereby ended up also writing about the final culmination of the sort of diabolical mischief which the future equivalents of those elements of society already present in the days of the Roman Empire whom he described as "the secret power of lawlessness", would perpetrate. Eventually these elements would usher in the short-lived hegemony of a future anti-Christ who would be the worst anti-Christ ever. Paulís dire predictions could not have been fulfilled in his own day. The required technology did not begin to exist until the late 20th century. I say this because it is stated that the artificial simulation of quasi-supernatural effects, precisely the effect of V2K weapons (see also here), is crucial to the plot which the apostle describes, and this counterfeiting of the miraculous, significant and wonderful has only become technologically feasible in recent times.

The 1st century believers were reassured by the apostle that this entire calamitous turn of events would be delayed until such time as a future generation of mankind lived in such complete indifference to what was true and what wasnít true (regardless of the effect of that choice upon their eternal destiny) that it would become just for God to allow this calamity to befall them.

The technologies documented on this site in John McMurtreyís scientific papers, and perhaps other technologies even more advanced (but like the documented technologies), are predicted to be abused in order to procure worldwide belief in a huge lie that will enable mankind to be subjected to, and perhaps actively to choose (at least at first), the dreadful future autocratic government it will by then thoroughly deserve, headed up by a blasphemous leader who will disallow freedom of religion, insisting instead that he alone should be worshiped.

This much said, Iíll leave it for now for Christians visiting this site to read prayerfully for themselves the entire chapter. There is reason for apprehension therein, but there is also reason for great hope, not least because, come what may, Christ will have the ultimate victory.


2††††††† Donít panic!

I am convinced, as you should also become if you study the subject with the diligence your Christian duty to warn the world of impending disaster demands, that there is hope yet. It is still not yet too late to hope that our mandatory prayers for the salvation of the political class will be answered in the affirmative.


3††††††† Whistle-blowers needed

For the last four years, I have been praying that God will persuade, by His Spirit, some of those employed in the mind control industry to break ranks with their colleagues, to become "whistle blowers". This sort of prayer, for a route to justice (in this case sought by the industryís victims), is exactly the sort of prayer in which we are encouraged to persist.


4††††††† Please join the battle

Please eschew all thoughts of lapsing into "not invented here syndrome" about our cause, and deciding itís somebody elseís job to help, by writing to MPs (Congressmen, Senators etc) and others, asking awkward questions and letting Christiansí abhorrence of what is sometimes called "mind control" be known. The writer of this bible study is admittedly an unlikely choice of "general" on Godís side in a new battle, within a war older than humanity itself. He is as unlikely a choice on Godís part as Gideon was in his day, for his mission. But please donít use that as an excuse for refusing to help in the battle ahead, now that "the balloon has gone up". I sincerely hope that the my sudden promotion to this rank is provisional, and that new Christian leaders of this movement will come forward to take over.

(To find out how you could help, please visit our "How you can help" page.)


5††††††† But arenít political activists against "mind control" all crazy?

I shouldn't have to answer that question in the light of the political support that already exists for banning the weapons we want banned (see our politics page) and the official admission of their existence, but I will.. In my opinion and experience, no we arenít "crazy". Neither I, nor any other of the twelve members of Christians Against Mental Slavery, is crazy.

Delusion is defined (inter alia) as "false belief" Dressing up an allegation that we are telling lies in the jargon of the pseudoscience of psychiatry (or, for that matter, using the slang of the word "crazy") is only a thin disguise of the underlying allegation brought, that of untruthfulness our part.

If you think for one moment that those who ask God for His Holy Spirit and who fulfill the necessary conditions received any other, lying spirit in return, then (to paraphrase Bishop Desmond Tutu) I wonder what bible you are reading.

Please do not presume to discount testimony of your brothers in Christ, merely because it conflicts with your expectations. To do this is to risk making (if only in your heart) a false accusation. To assert that we are not telling the truth (f`or whatever reason) is to risk making against us a slanderous accusation. That amounts to showing us less respect than that to which even the devil was held to be entitled!

How you can help

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