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The Milgram Experiment


When the Nazi extermination camp at Auschwitz was liberated (too late, alas, for most of its victims), the world was shocked to learn about the genocide, and the non-consensual, unethical and barbaric "medical" experiments, which had been taking place there. "What's wrong with Germans", we asked ourselves, "that they could do such dreadful things, excusing such obvious misconduct by pleading that they were 'only obeying orders'?".

The notorious (and admittedly somewhat unethical) Milgram Experiment is but one of many scientific experiments conducted in the aftermath of the "holocaust" that each demonstrates all too objectively that the primary reason that human rights abusers follow such careers is not one of being German. It is, alas, one of merely being human. (This is a finding that held no surprises for alert bible scholars, or most historians.)

Reading about the Milgram Experiment should be the perfect antidote to "it couldn't happen here" complacency. Alas, to quote Frank Zappa, "it can happen here".

Please click here to read details of the Milgram Experiment here

It should be a sobering thought that the British Prime Minister during the Second World War, Winston Churchill, is asserted to have dismissed as mere conspiracy theorists, unable (surprise surprise) adequately to "substantiate" their far-fetched claims of genocide (i.e. to substantiate their allegations beyond all possible doubt), those from Christian, Jewish and secular humanitarian groups who pleaded with Churchill to impede the crimes against humanity that were afoot. Churchill could have impeded those crimes considerably simply by ordering the Royal Air Force to bomb the railway lines that daily carried truckloads of Jews and other victims to the death camps. Churchill's scepticism allowed civilians, men, women and children alike, to be slaughtered in their millions without mercy in the gas chambers, victims who could so easily have been saved. The victims' possessions and even their mortal remains were harvested for anything of value before combustion of the residue; sometimes they weren't gassed they were worked - or starved - to death, or abused a "guinea pigs" in bizarre pseudo-scientific experiments masterminded by war criminal Dr Joseph Mengele, inter alia one of the pioneers of a form of "mind control" less hi tech than today's, amongst his many crimes.

There are moments in history when scepticism (such as Churchill's) isn't the virtue that scientific training encourages academics to believe that it is, but rather amounts to a callous sin. We testify to you that we are now living in such days once more.

Further discussion of the Milgram experiment is to be found in this paper by Stephen Gilbert.

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