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Caveat about the links on our "other relevant websites" and "recommended articles" pages

 The websites you can reach via the links on our "other relevant websites" and "other relevant articles" pages are likely to convey political opinions similar to our own (though rarely if ever identically worded to our manifesto). They might also contain opinions with which some of our group would disagree strongly. Christians Against Mental Slavery has no collective opinion about anything except what’s in our manifesto and what’s in our basis of faith, on which we are unanimous.

The sites may also contain assertions about relevant technology complementary to the scientific material published in this site. Much of this won’t be as thoroughly substantiated as we try to keep the information on this site. The presentation of accurate information might in some cases be less scholarly. Some statements might even turn out to be inaccurate.

Some of the sites may contain testimony of targeted individuals. When reading the testimony of targeted individuals, you should bear in mind all of the following caveats:

None of the sites we link to from our "other relevant websites" page are owned by members of the Christians Against Mental Slavery group. In general, the more clicks you stray away from our site, the more you may need to bear in mind the caveat above. This caveat does not render research worthless. It simply necessitates discretion, and a healthy scepticism 

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