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Other websites addressing the "mind control" issue


Please read our advice before proceeding.


1.      American Cognitive Liberties Association,

2.      Dr Allen L Barker’s "Mind Control" site, at

  1. Dr Barker's list of relevant sites, formally at:

4.      Cheryl Welsh’s site, recently renamed as

5.      Eleanor White’s site in Canada, site index:

6.      Eleanor White’s home page:

7.      National Care Society,

The above is just a small selection of the many websites worldwide that address the topic we bring before you. Some of them make for easier reading for the general public than the material hosted on this website that is aimed specifically at academic scientists. For more comprehensive research on your part, and perhaps some lighter reading, please visit the sites listed on Dr Allen L Barker’s very long list of relevant sites.

You might also like to consider a making a Google search on appropriate phrases, such as "mind control", "psychotronic weapons", "synthetic telepathy" etc. Happy hunting! There’s such a lot of evidence and anecdote out there that this subject should already be on the political agenda of every democracy, which is where we intend to put it, and never out of the media, until the politicians fix the problem.

May God bless you for reading this, especially by making Himself known to you.


How you can help

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