Christians Against Mental Slavery

 How you can help

Please donate to Beulah Baruch Ministries, which finances charitable work that complements political work like ours


1.      Please pray for our work, and that God will give you wisdom and understanding about the surprising but genuine political issue we are bringing before you. Pray for the world's political leaders, that they might respond wisely to the challenge we bring.

2.      Please pray for "whistle-blowers" inside the "mind control" industry, who will admit the truth about the "work" which they have been doing.

3.      Please write to your MP (if in the UK) or other elected representative (e.g. Congressman, Senator in the USA) if elsewhere, asking that something should be done (not before time!) in response to the 1999 call of the European Parliament for a worldwide ban on weapons for the "manipulation of human beings".

4.      Please send us a simple letter of endorsement to this group, just like Dr Rosalie Bertell's.

5.      If you are a UK resident or citizen, please e-sign this online petition.

6.      Please download and print the Petition Form from this website, collect real-life signatures in (say) your church, workplace or neighbourhood, and send the signed petition forms back to the organiser's address. (Please keep a photocopy and confirm receipt.)

7.      Please keep visiting this website, and encourage others to visit and to learn. Explore the other websites to which this one has links. Learn the facts. Care about the problem, for your own sake, if you are unwilling to do this for God's glory, as we are.

8.      Please request and wear (everywhere you go!) a free "Ban Mind Weapons .org" t-shirt. (Offer subject to availablity.)

9.      Please pray, asking God whether you ought to donate directly some of your spare money to our researcher in the USA, John McMurtrey, which will enable him to continue and to expand his invaluable work. 50-something John has retinitis (allegedly a symptom of microwave poisoning), so he is losing his eyesight quite quickly. We are in a race against time!

10.  Please ask for a free, dummy prestige email address (for incoming email only, redirected automatically to your real email address): Print it on your business cards and personal stationery. Spread the word.

And puh-lease don't in future regard "the mind control conspiracy theory" as a fit subject for cruel jokes (e.g. about tin-foil hats), or a certifiable disease of the mind, because it ain't, and you could be the next targeted individual, or any of your children or grandchildren. This website isn't somebody's eccentric hobby. It isn't madness. It is a cogently reasoned and sensible plea for sanity, amongst the world's political leaders, before it's too late for all of us.

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