Christians Against Mental Slavery

 Christians Against Mental Slavery (CAMS) is a non-fundholding, international political group which is simply asking that the non-consensual monitoring or influence of human thought technologically should be declared to be a crime against humanity worldwide

Members of CAMS all affirm that they subscribe to UK Evangelical Alliance's Basis of Faith.


List of members as at 7 May 2004


John Allman

British founder and secretary of CAMS. Studied Mathematics and Physics, graduating with 1st class honours in 1980. Passed the Common Professional Examination in English Law in 1995. Former university senior lecturer in Computer Studies on a temporary contact that was renewed for a second year.

John McMurtrey (photograph)

USA researcher for the group, holding a master's degree in Molecular Biology. Author of the scientific papers published on this website and elsewhere.

Irene Nompumelelo Allman (photograph)

South African wife of the founder. Qualified schoolteacher for approximately 30 years in South Africa, whose major subject was biology. Mpumi has also has run several small businesses.

Violet Allman

British mother of the founder and widow of Dennis Allman (mentioned in memoriam on home page). Vi and Dennis had six children. Most of the founder's "tribe" has lost count of Vi and Dennis's grandchildren and great grandchildren. Vi herself probably hasn't though.

Rev Bill

British accredited pentecostal non-conformist denominational pastor who has known the founder for over forty years, now serving in France.

Rev Jonathan

British non-denominational pastor. Once pastor of the church the founder used to attend.

Dr Joseph Kobo

South African bishop. Formerly an ANC freedom fighter, who renewed his evangelical faith in the Lord Jesus Christ whilst in a South African prison, facing a charge of treason, which carried the death penalty under the Apartheid regime. A nephew of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. Author of two published books. Founder of a bible college in South Africa.

Ted Gunderson

USA citizen. Formerly held the rank of Senior Special Agent in Charge in the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Retired from the FBI in 1979. Ted claims that he is innocent of ever having been complicit in any "black" (unethical) operation whilst with the FBI. Approximately the same age as Violet Allman, he is still working today, to expose the truth about "black" operations, in the like of which he claims that he has never been complicit himself, operations which others in the United States' public sector would rather remained secret. (Eph 5:11) Ted has a website of his own, focussed upon issues different from the one and only issue on which this group has a collective opinion, which group Ted said he was "proud" to join when invited.

James Whittle

USA citizen. Retired (83 years old, or thereabouts). Jim is a stalwart and veteran campaigner, specifically against the abuse of civilian human rights using classified "mind control" technology.

Mr A

British. UK Director of an international evangelical Christian poverty relief charity focussed upon the material needs of children in poor countries, with headquarters in the USA and a UK annual revenue running to several millions of UK pounds. A former work colleague of the founder at a different, well-known evangelical Christian poverty relief charity.

Mr D

German. Formerly a Clinical Psychologist with the German equivalent of a master's degree, he now works full time for an internationally known Christian educational trust, which was set up initially in Switzerland several decades ago, in order to meet the needs of those with intellectual doubts about the Christian faith.

Mr H

British. Cambridge University honours graduate in Mechanical Engineering, whose wife is ordained as a priest in the Church of England. Once a racing driver. Works in Information Technology. A former work colleague of the founder at a well-known British evangelical Christian poverty relief charity.

Three (that's 25%) out of the twelve invited members of the group asserted that as at 7 May 2004 that they had experienced the ill-effects of the documented technological capabilities, misused against them personally, in the hands of what they are believe to be perpetrators drawn from the ranks of, or subcontractors of, public sector "services" of their own countries. The remaining nine members (that's 75%) did not then assert that they had experienced attempts at "mental enslavement" themselves at all.

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