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Supporting Targeted Individuals


Supporting alleged targeted individuals is one thing which some of us do, but it is something that shouldn't be necessary for us to do, because:

Nevertheless, Christian compassion on our part demands the continuing expenditure of individual members' time and telephone bills, maintaining supportive contact with those who offer plausible testimony of their experiences which is at least as consistent (if not more so) with their targeting using weapons capable of the manipulation of human beings as it is with any hastily reached psychiatric diagnosis, typically delivered routinely and without conscientious attempts to ascertain scientifically the veracity or otherwise of the victims' claims, so far as we can tell, on the part of health care professionals who typically display a cavalier and complacent unwillingness, verging upon professional negligence, even to read the abundant evidence we have acquired, after expensive and painstaking research, that nowadays technological "mind control" applications are perfectly feasible.

It appears almost universally to be on the agenda of the perpetrators of non-consensual technological mind control to asset-strip their prey, in whatever way they can, in order to avert counter-attacks upon their industry from relatively well-healed victims and their sympathisers, such as this website represents. Sometimes sacrificial financial generosity is therefore called for on our part, in order to ameliorate, from our own pockets, the poverty which this general policy causes, even amongst some of the most credible targeted individuals, in order that they might live to fight another day.

Future plans include the formation of a separate charitable trust to cover this work, and all other work we do that would appear prima facie to qualify for charitable status. We plan this without compromise of the status of Christians Against Mental Slavery itself, as always and ever per se a purely political "group" (as distinct from an organisation), with an exclusively political agenda, committed never to hold funds collectively. I.e. there is not a Christians Against Mental Slavery bank account, nor a treasurer. Cheques payable to Christians Against Mental Slavery are NOT solicited. There will never be a bank account into which such cheques would be eligible to be paid, so please do not send any!

You can find details of how to support financially the living expenses and work of specific, active individual members on our How you can help us page.

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