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The "Labour Party Conference, Brighton, 26-30 September 2004" bulletin further down this webpage was composed just before "the Brighton conference", at which CAMS hired an exhibition stand.  There are links there to all the posters in our booth.  Here are some photographs taken at the conference.









At the Brighton conference, our literature was placed into the hands of at least four UK government ministers, and our petition was signed by 88 serious people, including one MEP, plus (probably) one prankster who mischieviously signed himself "Tony Blair". (What a pathetic sense of humour! Still, I can now legitimately pose a question to Mr Blair, in a letter, "Was that really you who signed our petition?", knowing that unless the Prime Minister actually reads the letter containing that question himself, an authoritative answer cannot possibly be given.)



Labour Party Conference, Brighton, 26-30 September 2004


Now I know why, whilst I was composing my Houston speech, I had an urge, self-satirically, to quote impressionist Mike Yarwood's fictitious Harold Wilson catch phrase, "I think I said this at the Brighton conference". I think I shall enjoy turning up (so to speak) in the role of "Banquo's ghost", at Tony "MacBeth" Blair's "dinner party".

There are five of us on the team who will be staffing our two-person exhibition stand, which is stand 212. So, we'll each have plenty of time off to visit the other exhibition stands, drink coffee, use the rest rooms, etc. Two of my daughters, my son and his girlfriend wanted to come too, at the eleventh hour, but the bureaucratic rigmarole of applying for security passes proved far too onerous.

The stand number we were allocated, which was the only one left when I first called the party, has provided an opportunity for an interesting title for the booklet we are producing, to say the least. Can you guess what we are calling the booklet, and the stand itself? (Big Hint: the boiling point of water just happens to be 212 degrees Fahrenheit!) Why not take a look at the front cover, to see if you guessed right?

We will be inviting visitors to our stand to sign the manipulation weapons petition.

To view what will be in the booklet, please simply right click on the following links, and select “Open link in new tab”.


Pages of the Fahrenheit 212 booklet

(Please right click on these links, and select “Open link in new tab”)

Front Cover




Inner Voice, Target Tracking and Behavioral Influence Technologies

Thought Reading Capacity

Pinneo Factsheet

Physiologic Word Recognition

Remote EEG Discussion

Carole Smith's "New Criteria" paper


Exhibition Posters

(Please right click on these links, and select “Open link in new tab”)

Fax from the British government with cartoon superimposed

Dr Jose Delgado "wanted" poster

B.F. Skinner poster

World-famous "conspiracy theorists"

Apt quote for Tony Blair, from the book of Proverbs, in the Bible

(The remaining posters in the booth were all enlarged single pages from the Fahrenheit 212 booklet.)



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