Speech given by John Allman, Secretary of Christians Against Mental Slavery, at the Civil Rights Rally in Houston, Texas on 30 July 2004


My name is John Allman. I am honoured to have been invited to come here from England to talk to you about a new danger facing all mankind. A favourite saying of mine is: "If they can do it to me, they can do it to anybody".

My South African wife Mpumi is here with me today.

Psalm 11 verse 3 asks, "If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?".

There is something the righteous can do. The righteous can (and must) warn people, giving them the chance to "wake up" and "strengthen what remains".

Ezekiel teaches us that the watchman is obliged to warn his city, or civilisation, when he sees trouble ahead. Otherwise he will take the blame himself when things go wrong.

Bishop Desmond Tutu said that when he heard Christians saying that politics and religion didn't mix, he wondered what Bible they were reading. I feel the same.

The particular evil which has moved me to political activism more than any other is an evil that has only become technologically feasible for the first time in history during my own lifetime. This new evil has affected me personally. I'm ashamed to have to admit this, because I'd be a hero if I was doing this today for others alone, not also for myself. Iíd be like a white member of the ANC during the Apartheid years.

I am talking about an evil about which you might not even have heard before today.

In 1999, the European Parliament passed a resolution, Resolution A4-0005/99. Paragraph 27 of this resolution (I quote) "Calls for an international convention introducing a global ban on all developments and deployments of weapons which might enable any form of manipulation of human beings".

In the UK, the Liberal Democrats, the Green Party and the Christian People's Alliance all support that call for a ban on "manipulation weapons". But the British government, formed by the Labour Partyís leader in Parliament, Prime Minister Tony Blair, has stubbornly refused to adopt a policy of banning manipulation weapons. So has the lower house of the national legislature in the USA, where Congress rejected a bill containing such provisions. To its credit, the Michigan legislature has enacted a state law to outlaw the abuse of electromagnetic weapons, which I dare say covers the worst manipulation weapons, but Michigan is the only one of the fifty states of the Union to have taken such a measure.

The British government has made a point of saying that it has "never denied" having manipulation weapons. (I received a phone call and two faxes from an Official Secrets Act Section 1(1) covered civil servant to remind me of this, whilst on vacation, three days before recording an interview for a TV documentary that was screened nationally in the UK on 12 May 2004.) But the British government wonít discuss manipulation weapons publicly either, and the media still treat the subject as though it was a joke, shame on them, if they treat it at all.

Perhaps some of you have difficulty imagining what a weapon for the "manipulation" of people would be like, so let's look at the definition given by the United States Army of the class of weapons which they call "V2K weapons".

V2K weapons are a subclass of manipulation weapons, which (remember) the British government has been invited to deny possessing, and using against civilians in time of peace, but has refused. The British government has also been requested to put any manipulation weapons it has beyond use, and to compensate any victims of past deployments. The British government has persistently refused to do any of this.

The victim of assault using V2K weapons typically hears voices in his or her head. That's what these particular manipulation weapons are for. Iím sure you can imagine how such weapons could be used to manipulate people. V2K is short for "voice to skull", by the way, meaning "voices in the head". This sounds like science fiction, I know, but we have proved that itís science fact. I urge you all please to check the facts out on the internet, for your own future safety.

I am quoting verbatim here, only slightly abridged, from the United States Armyís Centre for Army Lessons Learned military thesaurus. "Voice to skull devices. Ö Nonlethal weapons which includes (1) a neuro-electromagnetic device which uses microwave transmission of sound into the skull of persons or animals by way of pulse-modulated microwave radiation; and (2) a silent sound device which can transmit sound into the skull of persons or animals. NOTE: the sound modulation may be voice or audio subliminal messages. Ö Acronym: V2K". The address of that US army webpage is given on all of our websites.

Do people here know what the word "subliminal" means? It means (check a dictionary if you don't believe me) that mind-altering and/or behaviour-altering effects are hoped to be achieved without the target becoming aware that he is being influenced.

Perhaps some of you still have difficulty imagining what it must be like to have someone using V2K weapons to make you "hear voices", or perhaps to be affected by quieter voices "subliminally", so letís have a demo of some non-weapon technology that does exactly that today, right here, right now.

I don't have a weapon here today that makes people hear voices in their heads using pulse-modulated microwaves, but I do have this.

This is a commercial device, a peaceful spin-off of largely obsolete military technology. It uses the second type of delivery method mentioned, which you just heard the army thesaurus refer to as "silent sound". For the technically-minded, a silent sound device uses a beam of inaudible supersonic sound or "ultrasound" (like a dog whistle), which is modulated with audio frequency sound which people can hear.

This machine is sold for use in museums. Typically, a different silent sound device is aimed at an area just in front of each exhibit. As you walk into a target area, you get zapped. Until you move a few feet in any direction away from the targeted area, you can hear a voice inside your head, telling you about the exhibit in front you. This is a voice which nobody else in the room can hear besides you. Neat, huh?

This harmless spin-off of declassified military technology stops museums getting too noisy. It's the classified technology that made this technology obsolete, for the purposes of constructing up-to-date V2K weapons, that you've really got to worry about though.

Letís switch this gadget on and try it out, here and now. Anybody who doesn't want to hear voices in his or her head, please leave now. Donít worry, there are no ill-effects, unless you count as an ill-effect your starting to treat with a new respect certain people whom you used to enjoy making fun of.

[demo of the Hypersound Speaker (HSS) system from American Technology Corporation]

Silent sound devices (as the US army calls them) canít zap you through solid stone walls like the equivalent pulse-modulated microwave devices can. Emails asking for product brochures about their V2K products sent to a military contractor alleged to be the manufacturers of more modern microwave-based V2K devices were ignored. Otherwise I might have been demonstrating those devices here today instead.

Typically, a V2K weapon either makes people aware that they are hearing voices in their heads, or it influences them subliminally, by making voices in their heads that are so quiet that the targets don't realise that they are hearing voices. They mistake the voices for their own thoughts - or maybe even for the leading of the Holy Ghost, perish the thought.

For those of you who are interested - and if you love God and you care what sort of world we leave to our children, maybe you ought to become interested today - there is material on our various websites about techniques of what Professor Igor Smirnov calls Ė chillingly Ė "psycho-correction", which involve deliberately delivering a voice to the target which the target is intended to mistake for the voice of God.

Making people hear voices, especially if they donít know who you are and how you make this happen, amounts to causing an effect upon them which seems to be supernatural, miraculous, spooky, magical or however you want to say it. It's not really miraculous. It's counterfeit miraculous. That is to say itís faked, artificial, technologically accomplished; a conjuring trick, not real "magic", counterfeit magic. Not without reason does my African wife describe manipulation weapons as "European witchcraft".

The group I belong to is called Christians Against Mental Slavery. The group has twelve members, of four nationalities. Three of the twelve members (that's 25%) claim to have been targeted with manipulation weapons during their lives.

V2K weapons are just one example of the sort of weapons that Christians Against Mental Slavery wants banned. In fact we want it to be made into a crime against humanity to influence people's thoughts technologically at all, without their permission, or even just to monitor those thoughts.

That's right, you heard correct. I did say "mon-it-or" those thoughts. Before you phone up to get me dragged away quickly by "those nice young men in their clean white coats", hear this: We know there are capabilities for working out what people are thinking, by analysing their brainwaves using computer programs. The evidence by which we know this is published on our websites.

Logically, thought monitoring simply has to be possible, unless much of what targeted individuals testify is being done to them is to be rendered utterly pointless. Let's face it, itís not much fun playing a ghostly trick on someone, unless you have a way of finding out almost immediately what effect the trick is having on him.

So, we knew that there must be thought monitoring technology, or thought reading technology if you like, before we set out to find the scientific evidence for it. But we weren't disappointed. We did find the scientific evidence we were looking for.

Would anybody here like to guess in what year the earliest scientific publication was made recording the success of technological thought reading?

The earliest research we know about was started in 1972 and completed in 1975. The statistical significance of the data gathered was calculated rigorously. There was less than one chance in a thousand that the results the team obtained could just have been the result of "lucky guesses".

The research concerned was funded by the US Department of Defense. It was conducted at Stanford Research Institute. The budget for the project was about a third of million dollars (a tidy sum in those days). The research team was headed up by Dr Lawrence Pinneo. The final report was entitled "Feasibility Study Into the Design of a Biocybernetic Communication System" and it is 149 pages long. This is it, here in my hand.

[wave copy of Pinneo's feasibility study in the air]

Pinneoís research wasn't well publicised prior to this month, i.e. for almost thirty years after publication.

It used to be very difficult to get hold of this research. You had to know what to ask for, and whom to ask. Only much prayer on our part and action outside our knowledge and control on the part of two members of staff at Stanford Research Institute, led to the successful uncovering of Pinneo's work. For the past few weeks this research has been available on the internet for the first time in history, because we put it there. Praise God!

If Pinneo proved that thought reading was possible thirty years ago, why havenít we got a wheelchair yet which a user with spinal chord damage can steer just by thinking about where he or she wants the wheelchair to go? The answer is almost certainly that somebody decided to classify all relevant later research, preventing anyone else from developing any useful, benign applications - like thought-controlled wheelchairs - that exploited the classified discoveries.

We know that further defence-funded research contracts were advertised later which would have built upon Pinneoís foundations. We just cannot find out what further progress was made by the successful bidders for the research contracts concerned. Those who ask, under the Freedom of Information Act, for the results of that research are told that answering their questions "might prejudice the interests of national security".

You might very well think that, in the interests of "national security" Ė that is the peopleís security, the people should be told what has been going on, behind their backs, financed by their tax money, and allegedly using some of the people themselves as "guinea pigs" for testing the weapons developed, without the guinea pigsí permission, and without even admitting what had happened.

There are people here today who have been crying out in pain and anguish for years, because manipulation weapons havenít been banned yet, as the European Parliament wanted them to be, and because somebody is apparently experimenting with these weapons on them. We are sick to death of people making stupid and cruel jokes at our expense about tin foil hats. We want action, and we want it now.

I was willing to "out" myself on national television this year in the UK, as someone who was well aware that he was being targeted for technologically perpetrated human rights abuses. But the person who turns to you for help might be shy compared to me, and perhaps more damaged by their ordeal than my ordeal has damaged me. Maybe you will be the first person to whom he or she has plucked up the courage to speak about his suffering. Please don't diss him, or her.

We are told in Jude that not even the archangel Michael was prepared to risk making a false accusation, not even against Satan! Please don't you "boldly go" where no archangel durst go before, making rash accusations you cannot possible know are true, accusations that the people who claim to have experienced being tortured deniably by people with access to manipulation weapons arenít telling you the truth.

Please give us at least the minimal respect that even Satan was entitled to, even from an archangel, according to scripture. Please check out our stories before you accuse us rashly of lying to you.

I commend our websites as a good place for you to start that essential "checking out" of the facts. Over ten thousand dollars has been spent on research by John McMurtrey, who has a masters degree in biology and who is one of the twelve members of the Christians Against Mental Slavery group himself. I asked John McMurtrey to send a message to you here today, and he told me that his scientific papers were his message to you all. Those papers are published on our websites Ė that's all the websites whose addresses are written on my t-shirt, and on some of your t-shirts too I see, praise God.

If manipulation weapons didnít and couldnít exist, that would sure make the European Parliament (and three of the UK's political parties) look stupid for wanting manipulation weapons banned! It would make the US Army look silly too, for describing one type of manipulation weapons on its own website. The ugly acronym "V2K" is theirs, not ours. Likewise the alternative phrase "synthetic telepathy".

We have more evidence of the existence of "weapons of mass delusion" than, for example, my own countryís Prime Minister had of weapons of mass destruction before he took the United Kingdom into an undeclared war in the Middle East which is still claiming fresh lives.

Christians Against Mental Slavery was formed because Christians are supposed to understand from scripture certain things that should make Christians very concerned to be at the forefront of the battle against manipulation weapons.

Firstly, Jesus told us to pray to and worship God our Father in secret. Our secret worship is to be the foundation of our walk with Him, not anything we do publicly, which might otherwise be done only for show. Jesus used the phrase "in thy closet". Remember?

People can no longer pray secretly if we as a society allow thought reading technology to be used non-consensually. Once targeted, one canít even start a baby in secret, or use the bathroom, let alone do anything as thoroughly private and personal and potentially subversive as praying on oneís own, with nobody listening.

Secondly, the apostle Paul wrote a whole chapter, 2 Thessalonians 2, in which he warned that one day the "secret power of lawlessness" would use counterfeit supernatural effects to do a job that was very much Satanís sort of work, the job of deceiving the nations powerfully enough to bring the Man of Sin to political power.

Perhaps you have been imagining what evil could be done using V2K, or thought reading. Now start imagining how the two techniques could be misused together. Would the term "mind control" really be too strong a description for what it might be possible to do?

At present, I know only of what I hope is merely the deniable, experimental targeting of relatively "unimportant" people, like myself and some of the others here today.

If the techniques are mastered at our expense, enabling undetected and highly effective individually targeted mind control operations, the perpetrators will feel confident about targeting foreign heads of state, like Thabo Mbeki, or their ministers, civil servants, diplomats and generals. They will be able to target opposition politicians too. They will become immensely powerful.

If adequate artificial intelligence applications could be developed Ė what are called "Turing Test-compliant" artificial intelligence applications - it would soon become affordable to target millions of people with automated mind control applications, which influenced them almost as effectively as they could be influenced by employing an individual handler for each target.

Thirdly, regardless of the potential future risks, what about those who are suffering now? Arenít Christians, like the Good Samaritan, supposed to care about people, and to help them when they are in trouble, with the kind of help that they need?

Part of the help that the manipulation weapon targets need from Christians, is that Christians should become better, more wide-awake stewards of their own democratic rights, willing to insist that their elected representatives should bring relief to the sufferers, as a condition for voting for them, by agreeing to ban manipulation weapons.

It doesnít actually say this in Matthew 25, but I think perhaps what I am about to say, shocking though some might find it, could easily turn out on the Day of Judgment to have had some unwelcome truth in it. "The Son of Man shall say to some of those on His left hand [thatís the goats], ĎInasmuch as ye voted again for a government which last time let one of these, the least of my brethren, be tortured, ye voted for ME to be tortured, again".

I know that this is a cliché, but I gots to say it. I have a dream. I have a dream that is summed up in one word, a word that is very special to me, a word with which God has blessed me during my continued personal walk with Him since this began, and that word is "SUNDIALS".

A sundial is mentioned only once in the bible, so far as I know, in connection with King Hezekiah. Jerusalem had escaped conquest by a blaspheming Assyrian militarist, Sennacherib. Mercifully, the fall of Jerusalem and the exile had just been postponed for several generations. And a tearful Hezekiah was himself about to be reprieved from an illness only recently predicted by the prophet Isaiah to be terminal.

God had turned, or was turning, the clock of history back, in all three of these ways. The good Lord gave King Hezekiah and the Prophet Isaiah the following miraculous sign confirming what He was doing. He turned back a clock, literally. That is, he somehow made the readout of a sundial move backwards.

That, in a nutshell is my "dream". I am dreaming of a second "sundial" event in our day and age. Just because the manipulation weapons the final anti-Christ will use have begun to be developed in our generation, that doesnít mean that the final anti-Christ is bound to appear soon. We are allowed to beg God for more time to get our loved ones saved, as a tearful Hezekiah once turned his face to the wall, cried like a baby and pleaded for his life. I believe that our loving heavenly father wants us to beg Him for this.

We are also allowed to demand, in Godís name, that this present generation of the worldís politicians play their part, by banning manipulation weapons, exactly as called for by the European Parliament in 1999.

What does 2 Chronicles 7:14 (join in if you know it) teach us about Godís character? "If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and forgive their sins and heal their land".

This is no time for "not invented here syndrome". Please do not be like those proud veterans of earlier campaigns who, in Judges chapter 8, refused to help the young and stature-challenged Gideon in his new campaign, because he had started to fight back against the oppressor, without consulting the proud veterans first.

God has given me abundant reason to hope that He will heal my land, and yours too. I have been praying that He will spare our whole, endangered world from the scourge of manipulation weapons for a while longer. Oh, if only we, His people, would humble ourselves, and turn our hearts to Him, and care about our brothers suffering all over the world, and those yet to suffer, and just ask Him, and work with Him to bring this about!

Please join me in our demand that those in power, who know very well of the wickedness that is already afoot using manipulation weapons, should repent, and join in my prayer that God Himself should lead us into battle, bringing glory afresh to His name in our generation.

I may never enter the "promised land" of which I dream, the "land" of restored privacy and freedom of thought for myself, in this sin-spoilt life. Nevertheless, I have the words of an old negro spiritual printed on my BanMindWeapons.com t-shirt.

Those words express what I have to say to the world's politicians, as one of God's spokesmen, just on this one tiny issue. Because I realise that I may not get there myself, I want others here please to pledge to continue to deliver this message from God, if anything happens to me: Thus saith the Lord: "Let my people go!".

John Allman

Secretary, Christians Against Mental Slavery

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