Christians Against Mental Slavery

13 May 2004


Television appearance by a member of this group

A member of this group, John Allman, made what was only his second ever television appearance, during a programme broadcast initially in the UK, on Channel 5 at 9 p.m. on Wednesday 12 May 2004. (His first television appearance took place about forty years before this, performing with some school friends a humorous song he had composed about the ancient Greek mathematician, Archimedes of Syracuse.)

The programme was a documentary entitled The World's Greatest Conspiracy Theories and was made by Liberty Bell TV, who filmed quite a long interview about the work of Christians Against Mental Slavery, and a demonstration of an ultrasound-based device called the Hypersonic Sound System owned by Mr Allman. The demonstration illustrated an effect nowadays also technologically feasible using microwaves instead of ultrasound. The effect, that of making targeted individuals hear voices of unknown origin and which others nearby cannot hear, has been adapted to enable the development of what the US military calls Voice-to-skull weapons, which numerous individuals worldwide are complaining are being used against them, deniably and without consent, to their considerable detriment. Microwave-based methods of inflicting V2K effects are more devastating in the context of mind control applications, since ultrasound cannot pass through solid stone walls like microwaves.

The material screened during the documentary was filmed on the premises of St Paul's Baptist Church, Skegness on 2 April 2004. The filming took place in Skegness because Mr & Mrs Allman were staying at Butlins in that town during that particular week, as a guests at Spring Harvest "Early Week". Three days before the interview was recorded, Mr Allman received, at Butlins, one telephone call and two faxes, from a civil servant subject to Section 1(1) of the Official Secrets Act, Simon Watkins, who works in the Home Office's Security and Intelligence Liaison Unit, Covert Surveillance Team. Mr Allman spoke about his extensive contact with the evasive British government during the course of his recorded interview.

The programme makers generously decided that mind control was "the world's number one conspiracy". However, this accolade certainly wasn't accompanied by allowing the public to learn from the broadcast exactly what the world's great mind control "conspiracy theorists" are actually asserting - far from it! Despite the film crew having spent several hours with Mr Allman, and having had access to substantial amounts of documentary evidence during that time, ruthless editing ensured that only thirty seconds or so of Mr Allman's potential contribution was actually broadcast, in several separate soundbites, few of which included a complete sentence. The exchanges with the Home Office were not mentioned, although the death threat against Mr Allman and his family once received (and disregarded) during a 4 a.m. anonymous telephone call in 2001, "because you know too much", was mentioned.

The programme is apparently to be repeated on the UK Discovery Channel. However, there is unfortunately almost nothing of any value that the intelligent viewer wishing to learn the facts about technological mind control can "discover" by watching the programme.

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