Christians Against Mental Slavery

9 May 2004


Happy Birthday, Mr "President"!


Until 6 th May 2004, this website consisted only of the home page, with a link to the copy of CAMS member John McMurtrey's paper Remote Behavioral Influence Technology Evidence, which was (and still is) hosted on Dr Allen Barker's website.

Auspiciously/ironically/humourously, the launch of this site in its present form took place at a time when, in some parts of the world, the sun was setting on 6th May 2004, the 51st birthday of the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair (President of the "51st State"). At the same moment, somewhere elsewhere in the world, 7th May 2004, the 51st birthday of the founder of Christians Against Mental Slavery (John Allman), was already dawning.

Let's hope that the launch of this site may play a part in ushering a new "day" in human history, when the interests of "all mankind" (pun intended) are placed above the paranoia of the generation of control freak politicians who are largely running the planet today, and those who are complicit in those politicians' implementation of policies that have never been publicised, and for which the peoples of democracies would surely never have voted, if they had been allowed to know what they were voting for.

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