Regina (on the application of John Allman) v The Secretary of State for Constitutional Affairs

Case number CO/746/2005

Initial application (three documents): FORM.pdf + FACTS.pdf + GROUNDS.pdf

Acknowledgement of service dated 3 March 2005: AcknowledgmentOfService.pdf

Application by applicant for urgent consideration, by 1 April 2005: URGENT.pdf, followed by letter from Defendant to the Court in Response to Application For Urgent Consideration: (electronic copy not available, but points addressed in the following). Letter from Applicant to Court, relating to letter from Defendant to Court in Response to Application For Urgent Consideration: Court1.pdf

Written refusal of permission to apply for Judicial Review: (separate electronic copy not available, but that initial refusal is quoted in the judgment of Mr Justice Sullivan, below). Renewal application for oral hearing on the question of permission: Form 86B + (grounds) GROUNDS86B.pdf

Notification of acceptance of renewal application, with instructions to arrange a hearing on the question of permission (mentioned in one of the press releases below)

Relevant Alliance For Change press releases about the case during general election and Cheadle by-election campaigns. Please select relevant press releases by title, from pressreleases.htm.

Court-approved transcript of adverse judgment delivered by Mr Justice Sullivan on inter partes oral renewal application for permission to apply for Judicial Review, heard on Monday 27 June 2005, received on 31 August 2005: JudgementSullivan.pdf

Application to the European Court of Human Rights - ECHR1.pdf - Application number 590/06