From: "John Allman" <>

To: "mcactivism" <>

Sent: Tuesday, November 22, 2005 1:07 AM

Subject: Debriefing on "John's" event and some Nasty Things That Just Happened at the same time

Thirteen supporters attended John's 1st Less-Legal Weapons Conference in Leeds, on Saturday 19 November 2005, and stayed the night at Holyrood House in Thirsk, where a lot of talking was done amongst us, right up until 15:00 Sunday.

The general public was difficult to attract along to the Saturday public conference/exhibition, overall. However, one member of the general public stayed throughout, even right through to 18:00, after the speechy bit we did at the end including the ultrasound demo, when Juliette shot some TV-quality footage for a documentary she is planning. This visitor had engaged totally with the posters and literature when he first arrived, around 15:30.

I'm afraid we've had a bit of what looks rather like overt harassament, as follows.

One of those attending was Tracey, whom the minibus from London picked up from Watford Gap. Tracey, whom I first met about a year ago and who publishes on the internet, has had two recent fictitious and anonymous allegations of a "disturbance" made against her to the police, for one of which she has an alibi witnessed by two friends and her son. Whilst Tracey was in Yorkshire with us, her off the road and uninsured car was arsoned in her driveway in Daventry. What's more, the brake pipes were cut, apparently on Saturday morning, on the different car belonging to a friend of hers, the car that her lift to Watford Gap was originally planned to be in that morning. Tracey eventually got a lift in a third car.

An allegation has also been made to the police that the arson of her uninsured car was an insurance fraud.

"Now we see the violence inherent in the system." :-)