The Alliance ü For Change

The Core Policies of The Alliance For Change

Brief summary in note form


  1. The Lib Lab Con Trick, is past it's "best before" date.
  2. Prime Minister of the day too powerful.
  3. Respect for human rights, dignity and freedoms is paramount. Democrary does not protect freedom. Freedom protects democracy.
  4. Commissioning dodgy dossiers as the pretext for cruel unnecessary wars abuses human rights.
  5. End detention without trial.
  6. Against torture.
  7. Against euthanasia, but support patients' rights to refuse medical treatment.
  8. Turning away genuine asylum seekers is unBritish.
  9. Allowing immigration generally does us good, and addresses the pensions crisis, but we mustn't cause a "brain drain" from poor countries.
  10. Respect for minorities and free speech. No offence of incitement to religious hatred.
  11. Would repeal or soften recent, hurried "police state" legislation.
  12. Think that the class structure causes harm. In favour of affordable and social housing, but against the creation of "ghettos".
  13. Against excessive official secrecy. Protection of "whistle-blowers".
  14. Well-disposed towards the British Commonwealth.
  15. See Britain as always as a part of Europe, whether in or out of the European Union. Like Britain to have friends and allies overseas.
  16. Highly sceptical as to whether the European Union as such remains beneficial to the peoples of Europe, including the British people. Willing to withdraw from the EU.
  17. Debt relief and fair trade.
  18. Fair votes.
  19. Reform Parliamentary Etiquette, to free MPs also to specialise in dealing with particular issues, regardless of constituency bondaries.
  20. Make the Lords democratic, but not into a rival for the commons, like the Senate is to Congress in the USA. Elected life peers who don't need to worry about re-election.
  21. Encourage inward investment on the part of labour-intensive industries into depressed areas.
  22. Defend Britain's people, territory and constitution.

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