Microwave Vibration and Pulse Effects


John J. McMurtrey, M.S., Copyright 2014


            Personnel who worked on microwave equipment describe "tickling about the head and ears," as well as "buzzing vibrations and pulsations." [1]  These sensations appeared to be associated with radar pulses. 1 An early microwave hearing article separately observes vibration induction in human subjects as a different sensory modality. [2]  Even deaf (cochleotomized) rats have a startle response to microwaves of sufficient pulse power. [3]   Another microwave hearing article in humans mentions "the perception of severe buffeting of the head" without apparent vestibular symptoms, as well as a "pins-and-needles sensation" at parameters different from those necessary for microwave hearing. [4]  A high power microwave pulse review of sub-lethal single pulse reports quotes that the rats appeared "stunned and hypoactive," or had seizures followed by an "unconscious state" for 4-5 minutes. [5]  These observations suggest a gradient of response to increasing pulse intensity.  Vibration is a frequent complaint of some victims who attribute vibration, and other effects to remote harassment by some form of radiation. 



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