Christians Against Mental Slavery

10 August 2004


A new initiative on the part of Rev Dr Leroy Gillam

by John Allman

A civil rights rally was held in Houston, Texas on 29-30 July 2004, licensed as a protest against the USA's existing Patriot Act and new and oppressive proposed legislation, including provisions which would put the abuse of civilians using manipulation weapons onto a statutory footing.

Substantial foundations were laid for future activity internationally, focussed squarely upon the demand for manipulation weapons to be banned. The legal profession and the psychotherapy were both represented. A telephone call was received by a US senator during the proceedings.

John and Mpumi Allman were amonst those attending, and many, many people gave speeches. John gave the prepared speech which is published on this website, and two impromptu speeches in the park, opposite the Federal building in downtown Houston. John's prepared speech was accompanied by a demonstration of V2K technology based upon ultrasound.

There were t-shirts with the slogans "Let my people go!" and "In God's name, let's BAN these weapons!" advertising this website. There were also helium-filled ballons with labels, also advertising this website.

A new branch of Dr Gillam's civil rights group is being formed in the USA from amongst those who attended, with a focus upon the international political struggle to have manipulation weapons banned and existing stocks placed beyond use. It is expected that a similar branch will also be formed in the UK, later this year.

For more detailed information about what took place, and information about future plans, please ask to be put onto the mailing list, by writing to her at


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